Case Studies

It is not easy to renovate a flat for rent, let alone if you want to live in it yourself! There are so many details you need to think of, and you will most probably face bigger and smaller problems to solve along the way, but it is totally worth it!



Unfortunately there are no before pictures of this project. The kitchen was fully renovated, new floor was laid down, painted, and furnished. This apartment is very popular due to the playful colors, bright and open space and good layout.  


A rather big project with two bedrooms, a large living room and spacious kitchen. This unit was in a very bad state before the renovations started, and the road towards completion was paved with surprises. One wall was broken down, another wall needed reinforcement in the master bedroom. The entire heating system was changed (this […]


The perfect excample of how to make something beautiful fast, with a small budget. This studio has a separate kitchen, a hall, some storage space, and a good-size bathroom. The living space is now separated from the sleeping area by a shelving unit, which really brings the most out of the space.


An interesting antique-looking tile style combined with streamlined built-in kitchen furniture. The tiles in the bathroom resemble a wooden floor, which fits perfectly well with the clear glass shower. Simple furnitures in the living room, where we kept the original flooring.  


We brightened up the kitchen with beige furniture, and brighter tiles. The blue color became dominant in the apartment, which we lead on to the bathroom and its accessories as well.   Before After  

Number 8

    Just above the roofs of Brussels, in a very interesting neighborhood of Brussels, close to the EU district. This flat was a rather outdated one bedroom flat, which we transformed with the renovation, and gave a new life to it. One of the shortest projects we did, it took just about 2 months altogether […]


This is a small flat, on 40 sqm. Like most other places the kitchen and the bathroom were the main concerns of renovations. This project lasted 2 months, and the apartment is now rented furnished.

De Deken

A studio near Cinquantenaire, which has an interesting kitchen concept. You are able to fully segregate the kitchen from the living area by the sliding down curved milk glass. So that of course had to stay.